GATS Xerxes 003X


Xerxes is a true curvebender. He had a BW ratio of 91 (82 lb actual BW) while then ratioing a 119 for WW (869 lb adjusted WW with no creep). He has a lot of outcross potential, and to top it all off he had a second-to-none disposition. Xerxes calves have proved him to be a true calving ease bull. Calving ease, great disposition, and explosive growth are Xerxes trademarks. Semen is available. Please contact Grassroots Genetics, LimiGene or Gates Limousin Ranch to get in on this great herdsire. DECEASED

GATS Commander 501C


GATS Commander 501C is a double homozygous 52% herdsire. His genomically enhanced EPDs show him to be in the top 5% for CED while still maintaining a top 10% for WW. He also covers the bases for carcass merit being in the top third for REA and top 15% for MARB. Very few bulls bring this kind of balance in an EPD profile with this striking phenotype. We are eagerly awaiting his early calf crops to determine if this young bull will have an opportunity to make his mark outside of our herd as well.


GATS Blacksmith 434B


GATS Blacksmith is an 87% bull sporting a 0.20 MB EPD. His genomically enhanced EPDs show him to be a maternal giant and a huge growth sire. This double homozygous son of Wulfs Yankee maintains the valuable traits of the Limousin breed while adding a shot of marbling that the industry is currently demanding. Blacksmith's Dollar General 3/4 blood dam is headed to the donor pen as she continues to hit homeruns with her offspring.

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